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Deskripsi Adventure Park (1 DVD)

Genre: Simulation, Strategy
Developer: b-Alive 
Publisher: bitComposer Games
Release Date: 8 Nov, 2013
Create your own theme park just the way you want it. Let your imagination run wild!
Attract visitors to your park with all kinds of different and unusual attractions. Your revenue and the reactions of your visitors help you to expand your park and make it even more attractive.
Turn your park into the best and most exciting theme park of all time!
Build the theme park of your dreams! Play in Campaign Mode or in Free Play on one of eight different maps.
Roller coasters and more! Offer your visitors lots of exciting attractions (e.g. Freefall Tower, Ferris Wheel). Use different types of tracks and the intuitive, grid-free track building system to construct spectacular rides to delight the park's visitors.
Adventuring will get you hungry...and thirsty! Provide the appropriate infrastructure in the park, with food stands, souvenir shops and the right staff (e.g. gardeners), so that your guests will always feel at home. 
The best managers have always got everything under control! The only way to ensure your park is a success is to always keep an eye on all the goings-on in the park and know how to manage them with skill. The comprehensive management system is structured intuitively, while still offering a challenge for more experienced players.
A theme park where there's always something to be smartened up! A whole load of items such as statues, fountains, lamps, fences, rocks and plants allow you to design the park just as you like it.
OS: Windows XP, Windows 7
Processor: 3 GHz Intel Pentium D, AMD Athlon64 3000+ and SSE2
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: nVidia GeForce 8600 GT or better, ATI Radeon X1800 or better
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 1500 MB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible

Adventure Park (1 DVD)

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  • Gokill gokill 24 jam benerin ini game yang tadinya gagal terus akhirnya bisa gilaa 24 jam mata gk merem" ya gan gokil abis ini gann hahahaha top banget dah sama michigan

    Riko Prasetyo
  • order #776 paket sudah diterima gan, sangat cepat, ga lebih 24 jam dari saya order tapi ada masalah gan, pada CD ke-4 nobunaga Taishi ternyata berisi TheSim4 gan... jadi sampe sekarang yg nobunaga belum bisa saya install terima kasih

  • Sangat recommend ke seller ini... Game yg tdnya dvd banyak cm sedikit dg seller ini. Up to date gamenya Sellernya mau bantu masalah install stuck di selesaikan, Bener bener reccomended

  • dari tahun 2013 yang cuma pake email ,sudah beli di sini sampai sekarang sudah pakai website , pelayanan selalu oke dan harga bisa dibilang paling murah dari seller lainnya. dan services yang siap bantu 24/7 "kayaknya" hehe lewat team viewer ,sukses terus michigan

    Aang Minardi
  • Quick Response, good packing, easy installment ... recommoended

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