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Genre: Action, Adventure, Shooter
Genre: Action
Developer: Rebellion 
Publisher: Rebellion
Release Date: 6 Mar, 2015
“Co-operative multiplayer done right.” - Eurogamer
“Proven shooter mechanics and a real sense of fun.” - Wired
"A generous wodge of the most enjoyable kind of schlock horror shooting on PC." - PC Games N
The cult horror shooter series comes to an apocalyptic conclusion with an epic new third chapter, a heart-pumping new horde mode, and remastered editions of the best-selling Nazi Zombie Army 1 & 2.
In the dying flames of World War II, Hitler has unleashed one final, unholy gamble – a legion of undead super soldiers that threatens to overwhelm the whole of Europe. Fight alone or team up to save humanity from the zombie menace in this apocalyptic third-person shooter!
Battle through THREE epic campaigns across 15 demon-infested missions. Play solo or fight back to back in online co-op for 2-4 players. Dare you take on one of the most intense and challenging third-person shooters in gaming? 
Face gruesome enemies with iconic weaponry and powerful explosives. Dismember the undead to give yourself a fighting chance, and experience every putrid lung burst, every rotten bone shatter with the infamous X-ray Kill Camera.
The ultimate horror package – alone or with teammates
Experience THREE nerve-shredding campaigns across FIFTEEN missions of intense third-person action. 
Take the fight to the undead alone, or team up in 2-4 player online co-op.
Face your fears in the brutal new Horde Mode for 1-4 players, across 5 blood-curdling maps.
Gut-wrenching gunplay
Defeat harrowing legions of zombies, armoured skeletons, fire demons, chainsaw-wielding elites - and worse - before facing the demonic Führer himself!
Shred the undead with genre-best rifle ballistics, powerful firearms and deadly explosive traps.
Wince as your bullets shred the insides of the undead in gruesome detail with the return of the series’ acclaimed X-ray Kill Camera.
Customise your carnage 
Choose from 16 playable characters, including all 8 survivors from Left 4 Dead 1 & 2!
Perfect your play style with CUSTOMISABLE loadouts - pick your favourite weapons and explosives.
Customise your DIFFICULTY and add enemy multipliers. Surely you would never brave “X4” on Sniper Elite difficulty ... or would you?
Recut. Remastered. Unleashed.
Includes the first two Nazi Zombie Army games like you’ve never seen them before.
Pick apart zombies with the new DISMEMBERMENT mechanic and bathe in a bloody glow of NEW graphical effects, NEW audio, NEW enemy animations ... and more.
Play your favourite missions from ANY campaign in ANY order in ONE unified online community.
OS: Microsoft® Windows® Vista (Service Pack 2) or Windows® 7 or Windows® 8. Windows® XP is NOT supported.
Processor: Dual-core CPU with SSE3 (Intel® Pentium® D 3GHz / AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 4200) or better
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Microsoft® DirectX® 10.0 compatible graphics card with 512 MB of memory (ATI Radeon™ HD 5870) or better
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 15 GB available space
Sound Card: Microsoft® DirectX® 10.0 compatible sound card or better
Additional Notes: Windows® XP is NOT supported. Ensure graphics and audio drivers are up to date.


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  • Gokill gokill 24 jam benerin ini game yang tadinya gagal terus akhirnya bisa gilaa 24 jam mata gk merem" ya gan gokil abis ini gann hahahaha top banget dah sama michigan

    Riko Prasetyo
  • order #776 paket sudah diterima gan, sangat cepat, ga lebih 24 jam dari saya order tapi ada masalah gan, pada CD ke-4 nobunaga Taishi ternyata berisi TheSim4 gan... jadi sampe sekarang yg nobunaga belum bisa saya install terima kasih

  • Sangat recommend ke seller ini... Game yg tdnya dvd banyak cm sedikit dg seller ini. Up to date gamenya Sellernya mau bantu masalah install stuck di selesaikan, Bener bener reccomended

  • dari tahun 2013 yang cuma pake email ,sudah beli di sini sampai sekarang sudah pakai website , pelayanan selalu oke dan harga bisa dibilang paling murah dari seller lainnya. dan services yang siap bantu 24/7 "kayaknya" hehe lewat team viewer ,sukses terus michigan

    Aang Minardi
  • Quick Response, good packing, easy installment ... recommoended

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